Special requests

Special requests can be added either in the booking process, or after the confirmation of a booking. 

To add special requests:
  • During the booking process: Go to the Contact details page and click the "Add request" button. Then just pick your requests from the list and press Save.
  • To an already confirmed booking: Log in to your AMOMA account, go to My bookings, select the respective reservation by clicking View booking and click on Send Special Requests”

▶︎ Your requests are subject to availability; therefore, they are not guaranteed. Some preferences might incur extra charges that are to be paid at the hotel and are not included in the cost of the reservation. 

Free requests:

No administrative fee will be perceived for special requests such as Late arrival, Non-smoking room, Smoking room, Inter-connecting room, Adjoining rooms.

Available at hotel:

In case you want to make special reservations such as: parking space / dinner table, Baby cot, Honeymooners, Early arrival / Late check out etc., please contact the hotel directly. 

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