Pricing & fees

Like most hotel booking websites, we work with accommodation providers who provide us with a hotel booking service. We find the cheapest price for you from many providers, which means that prices and availability can change at any time.

Booking fees:
  • does not charge a booking fee. 
Payment Method fees:

We may charge you a fee depending on the Payment Method used.

We don’t apply Fees for VISA and MasterCard personal cards issued in Europe.

Fees to pay at the hotel:
  • You may be charged an additional fee by the local government, depending on the destination you are visiting. This is sometimes called a city or tourism tax. This may be part of the price that you pay to AMOMA, or it may be collected at the hotel.  
  • The hotel may also charge you a resort fee.  A resort fee is a daily mandatory charge that the hotel charges in addition to the price that you pay to AMOMA. This will be collected at the hotel.
  • Service fees may also be charged by some hotels. This normally covers tips for cleaning staff and other hotel employees. This will be collected at the hotel.

Details of these, along with whether they are part of the price you are paying to AMOMA or whether they are collected at the hotel, are clearly displayed on the hotel page and on the payment page and of the booking process.

Administration Fee when modifying your booking:

You may be charged an administrative fee when modifying your booking. See Modifications for more details.

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